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Exterior Detailing Services

The best in car detailing Colorado Springs! 

You don’t need to be a millionaire to look like one! A full detailing of your vehicle not only makes your car look like a million bucks but it also keeps it safe from the elements, increasing its overall value.

First we fully wash the car with professional cleaning products. Then we use a special professional auto paint clay bar to get the surface contamination off the car.

Once everything is smooth and free of dirt, we use a mildly abrasive glaze or compound which takes out small scratches and pops the color and paint to look like a glass finish that never produces swirl marks.

Then we use a fine polish and wax to finish the job.
If you have swirl marks on your car, no problem! We are highly trained to get them out with our professional products and machinery… Even black and dark color painted cars. We are experts on black paint vehicles… And all other colors too! 

For more details and a custom quote, head over to our detail pricing page.

Urgent Auto Detail