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Urgent Auto Detailing is your complete source for Car, RV & Boat Detailing. We also do custom work, including LED Lighting, Window Tinting, and Head Light Restoration. 

Check out our full list of prices and services below.


Full Service Hand Car Wash- starting at $49.99

  • Interior Vacuum
  • Wash & Dry outside of vehicle 
  • Windows Inside & Out
  • Wipe Interior (Dash, Console & Doors)
  • Tire Dressing
  • Wipe Wheels
  • Air Freshener
  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Ultra Bright Polish
  • Air Blow Interior
  • Interior & Exterior Dressing

Wash & Wax- starting at $179.99

Our Wash & Wax package includes a meticulous Hand Car Wash & Wax which protects the paint’s finish.

  • Hand Wax
  • Seats or Carpet Treatment
  • Interior & Exterior Dressing
  • Scrub Clean Dash, Console & Doors

Exterior Detail- starting at $229.99

The Exterior Detail removes oxidation, swirl marks, and scratches from the clear coat. It leaves the paint surface feeling smooth and shiny.

  • Full Service Hand Car Wash
  • Oxidation Removal (Clay Preparation Treatment)
  • Compound (Buff minor scratches)
  • Polish (Buff paint surface to a shine)
  • Hand Wax (Protect & Enhance Paint Gloss)
  • Wipe Wheels
  • Tire Dressing
  • Dress Exterior Trim, Rubber & Plastic
  • Add Paint Seal

Interior Detail- starting at $199.99

Removes dust, dirt, and allergens including pet dander; leaving your vehicle’s interior smelling fresh and looking new.

  • Full Service Hand Car Wash
  • Steam Clean Carpets, Floor Mats, Seats, and Door Panels
  • Scrub Clean Dash, Console & Doors
  • Dress All Upholstery
  • Wipe Wheels

Custom LED Lighting- starting at $199.00

We have a variety of custom packages for auto Led Lighting. Contact us to share your vision and we’ll give you a free estimate.

Full Service Hand Car Wash- starting at $49.99

Complete Wash (Top to Bottom, roof included)​

  • Wash Rain Gutters/Awnings
  • Polish Wheels (light)
  • Dress Tire
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean All Bug Residue
  • Exterior Hand Wax (not spray wax)
  • Water Spots Removed from Exterior Windows
  • Outside Caulking/Sealant around Edges Cleaned/Degreased
  • Exterior Window Trim Protected with Silicon
  • All Chrome/Aluminum will be polished
  • Interior Dusted/Cleaned/Vacuumed
  • Interior Roof Cleaned
  • Walls, Oven, Refrigerator Cleaned/Degreased

           …. and more! 

Boat Detail- starting at $299.99

*includes boat wash, wax & interior detail

  • Exterior Wash of Boat & Trailer
  • Vaccum interior
  • Clean windows
  • Dust interior
  • Exterior Marine Teflon Wax is applied by hand
  • Steam Clean Carpet/Upholstery
  • Clean Seats and Cushions
  • Clean Walls, Instrument Panel
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean All Decking/Floors
  • Clean Kitchen Sinks
  • Clean Head

Full Detail- starting at $249.99

A deep interior cleaning plus a hand wax on the paint’s finish. Your vehicle’s interior will smell and look new, while protecting the paint.

  • Full Service Hand Car Wash
  • Express Hand Wax
  • Interior Detail
  • Dress Exterior Trim, Rubber & Plastic

Head Light Restoration- starting at $59.99

Our multiple step process removes oxidation and polishes the headlights back to a transparent state.

Window Tint

We offer 4 different packages. See our Window Tint page for details on each package:
1) Economy- starting at $220
2) Premium- starting at $340
3) Supreme- starting at $400
4) Ultimate- starting at $640